• "Lister Photography is like no other. I mean it. She has the eye for photography and creates beautiful, epic, artsy work. She dares to be different and her pictures show it! They always turn out so amazing. I got to do a bridal portrait shoot with her in the mountains. Not only did I get absolutely beautiful pictures back but I also loved getting to know her. She has such a fun personality. She likes to have a good time while also doing what she loves. Gia photographed my wedding and I still have people commenting on how beautiful all the pictures turned out. She captured our wedding perfectly. Also, the way she presented the wedding pictures to us after being edited was beyond professional and creative. We loved the personalization behind it. If you need your wedding photographed, she's your girl!"

    - Lindsey

  • "Professionalism in the photography business is hard to come by. I have worked with Gia on a few projects and I can confidently say with Gia behind the camera, you don’t need to worry. All the photos I’ve seen from this firm are always top notch. If you are looking for a photographer, I would look no further than Lister photography."

    - Josh 

  • "I really love all my photos from Lister Photography. The artistic eye Gia has is un parallel to other photographers I have hired in the past. The sessions were fun too. I felt comfortable and confident and she entertained all my crazy ideas and often had better ones. She is willing to go "outside the box" to capture a unique amazing memory. Her creativity has no limits and she always makes it a fun and special experience. I recommend Lister Photography."

    - Stephanie

  • "I have been photographed by Gia numerous times, for night shots for her portfolio, family pictures, and most recently for a photoshoot which she was the photographer. Every time Gia has been an joy to work with. She's insanely talented. Each photo that you receive is amazing. I honestly cannot rave enough about Lister Photography. I've been photographed by other photographers and by far she does the best work, has the best quality pictures, and makes the experience the most fun. On top of that, she managed to capture each individual personality when family photos were taken. I have already made up my mind that if she's in business when I get engaged/married, she's taking my pictures."

    - Hannah


Christ Follower + Photographer Extraordinaire 

First and foremost, I love Jesus. Everything I do comes from the calling and drive to love Him and love His people.


I am a photographer/videographer based out of the Triangle in North Carolina.

I am a wife to a wonderful loving husband, Chad, and a mom to my adorable son, Elijah. We also have three fur babies and an amazon parrot. We like to keep things interesting. 😉


One of my biggest dreams has been to travel the world and take pictures. Fortunately, I am blessed to be able to pursue my dream job. I love to find the most obscure and awkward things to photograph. I thrive working with creative minds that can think outside the box and capture the unposed and un-poised. As I’m sure you can already tell, I don’t always follow the “rule book” on how to capture the best image. Perspective is key, and I love changing out the lenses people look through. A common phrase that you’ll hear me say is “storytelling,” and I love capturing the true story of what I’m photographing.​

My husband and I also collaborate on our blog, if you would like to follow along with our personal story, check out unidentifiedgrace.com


Christ Follower + Musician + the brain behind it all

Hey guys...my name is Chad.
I’m a follower of Jesus, saved by His grace since the age of 5. I’m a husband to the incredible love of my life, Gia Marie. I’m a father to my son, Elijah Sterling. These three things are the most important to me. 

As for me...I love being a part of Lister Photography. It’s an incredible blessing and opportunity for me to be able to work together with my wife and do what we love. I take care of the operations/client acquisition side of the business. I try to find new ways for us to use our company to help other people/organizations to make a difference for good.


When I’m not doing LP, I work as a studio / touring musician, recording artist, and producer. I also do contract work as a designer / social media manager. I LOVE restaurants and places to hang out around town...whether at home or any city I’m in. I have found myself in many different fields over my lifetime, and I’m grateful to use those opportunities as experience for the future. 

I look forward to meeting you soon and look forward to working on making your creative dream a reality.

The Lister Clan

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